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…it was…?

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Krisyeol vs. Hunhan date

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120720 Super Junior Star Life Theater EP5 Donghae’s Phone Call to Eunhyuk Cut (by shasa sena)

DH: tell me how much u missed me?

EH: *muah* /give kiss through the phone/

DH: what are u doing? are u crazy? *laughing*

EH: *laughing*

video cr:[@老金去奶茶店了]

OMG! I have wifey!hyukkie feels…

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Hello ^^
I'm Elisa and I'm 18 years old.
I currently live in Vienna, Austria and I love KPop (and JPop, but currently I'm a KPop-maniac xD)
My bias are:
* Infinite
* U-Kiss
* ZE:A
* Super Junior
* and many more



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